Chip Martens is a designer focused on providing simple, intelligent solutions to a diverse range of clients and contexts.

Specializing in easy-to-use, human-centered designs I believe in working with my clients instead of for them and in putting quality over quantity. Inspired by architecture, nature, and minimalism, I pride myself in clean, grid-based designs. My work is inspired by the works of individuals like Dieter Rams, Ken’ya Hara, and John Pawson.

With over 10 years of experience, I have a passion for helping businesses succeed through thoughtful marketing and design. Currently, I am in charge of marketing and creative direction for one of the largest independently owned building supply companies in Canada. Prior to that, I was a Creative Designer for Golden West Broadcasting, developing advertising campaigns for clients across the prairies. I also played a large role in growing Golden West’s community news websites.

You can view my work on dribbble or see my work history on LinkedIn. If you have work inquiries or would just like to say hello you can reach me by email. I’ve started to keep a Journal where I log my happenings, inspirations, and fascinations. You can also view my semi-infrequent photos on Instagram.