This website is the personal discourse of Chip Martens , creator of the website WhatBars.com, single dad of two amazing kids, lover of bicycles, coffee and the idea of leading a simple, intentional life.

Photos courtesy of Tylor J. Reimer

Passionate, Not Obsessed

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an obsessive personality when it comes to my hobbies. Whether it was golfing, swimming, grilling, diet & nutrition, body building, coffee or bikes. Countless nights have been spent losing sleep dreaming up the “perfect” coffee setup or bike build. I’ll be the first to admit that I sound like a bit of a dysfunctional maniac.

Perhaps it’s because of the research I put into my purchases, people tend to respect my opinion on the products I’ve been passionate about. In the past, this was limited to a select number of friends who I was able to corner, forcing them to listen to me ramble. Now, though the magic of the internet and the success of WhatBars.com, I’ve had the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions with thousands of people all over the world!

Authentic Thoughts & Opinions

Based in the heart of Canada, I have the “pleasure” of putting products to the test through every climate extreme imaginable. From +40C in summer with humidity and torrential downpours to -50C with the windchill in winter and gale force winds, we get it all.

It seems companies enjoy seeing their products subjected to these extremes have been kind enough to offer me the opportunity to test out some of their gear. Hopefully, through these cruel and unusual experiments, I’ll be able to shed some light on products you’re curious about!

Though some of the products I review have kindly been provided to me from their respective companies, I only accept products that I would actually purchase for myself, regardless if it was free or not. These products are not sent based on the stipulation that I leave a positive review, and you can trust that these are my honest, unbiased thoughts.

I do not review products for the sake of reviewing, but rather to help individuals like myself sift through the vast sea of options.

If you have inquiries or if you just want to say hello, you can reach me by email, or follow me on Instagram.