Coffee at home

My wife and I both enjoy our espresso beverages, but having one daily each can really add up. When you calculate the cost over a year, it’s easy to justify the cost of a good quality home espresso maker and grinder.

We’re going on five years of daily use, often including multiple beverages on weekends, without a single issue. Our setup looks like this:

Typically I opt for an americano in the morning. For heating up some extra water, we have the BonaVita Gooseneck Kettle, which is also a great option for pour-over methods.

My wife enjoys her latte’s and the difference in having the upgraded Rancilio steam wand versus the supplied pannarello wand is notable. It takes a little more practice to get used to but it allows you to produce a much more predictable microfoam that makes for a smoother froth.

Depending on the beans, the quality of coffee we get from this home setup is at least equal to, if not considerably better than anything one can pick up at most retail coffee establishments.


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