Coffee Break

Coffee plays an integral role in our lives. My parents were never coffee drinkers, but that didn’t hold me back from starting at an early age. It was the Tim Horton’s “Double Double” that lured me in. Times have changed and so have my coffee habits. Today, I enjoy the routine of making my coffee almost as much as the coffee itself, and I’d like to share that routine with you.

The Routine

During the week I stick to americano’s, but when I have more time on weekends I will make myself a flat white. My wife enjoys latte’s, so my steam wand does gets daily exercise. This setup was recommended to me by my previous boss, Dave. It really is the perfect “at home” setup.

The price tag for this entire package was a hard pill to swallow at first, but when you consider that we are both a “1-espresso beverage a day” type people ( about $10 a day in coffee ), it paid itself off in no time.


  1. Preheat the espresso maker
  2. Start your kettle ( 190°F )
  3. Dose out 14–18 grams of beans ( double shot )
  4. Grind the beans, very fine. I’ve found every bean is a little different, adjust per bean
  5. Level off ground beans in portafilter and tamp ( 30–40 lbs of pressure )
  6. Extract the espresso.

Your double shot should be extracted in 22–25 seconds and have a good layer of “crema” on top. Crema is a sign of a PROPER espresso. Crema attaches to taste buds; which provides a long after-taste.

Another thing to keep in mind is that an espresso shot must come out like warm honey. You will notice the crema pour out at the top of an espresso shot.


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