My Daily Carry Essentials

We all have things we carry with us on a daily basis to make our lives easier, or to meet the needs of our routines and habits. I went through a phase where I loaded my bag with an excessive amount of “stuff” that I didn’t need, though it did win me a contest for $2,500…

I’ve changed my ways now and I’ve limited it down to the bare essentials that I need from day to day, including everything I need to get my work done, get a good workout in and more.

GoRuck GR1

I researched this bag for over 2-years before pulling the trigger. I wanted a bag that was going to be tough enough to last me a lifetime, yet versatile enough that I could make it work for any situation. This bag was the perfect choice, and I would highly recommend it.

The main compartment folds flat which is amazing whether in the gym, or traveling for a few days. It’s lined with molle webbing on the inside and out, so you can add whichever pouches or accessories suit your needs, and switch it up super easily.

I’ve had this bag in the rain countless times, and I’ve never had any issues with water leaking into the bag, though it’s not labeled as “waterproof”. From their website:

By military-spec submersion tests, waterproof means you could repeatedly submerge something and its contents would stay entirely dry. Our rucks are highly water resistant aka rainproof.

If you’re looking for the last bag you’ll ever have to buy, this is your bag.

Nike “Free Run” Runners

I’ve been wearing the “Nike Run” line of shoes since I started training at 18, I’ve never once had a complaint about them. Their “flywire” construction keeps your feet firmly in place while the flyknit technology keeps your feet super cool and comfortable.

I purchased the most recent pair right before a trip to Vegas that involved a ton of walking. I had very little time to break these shoes in and they still performed amazingly.

Lululemon “Box Space” shorts

A training short made with abrasion-resistant fabric to withstand wear and tear from barbells. These things are super stretchy, super breathable and are perfect for in the gym or on the run. I was hesitant to purchase these because of sticker shock, but they’ve been worth every penny.

My favourite feature is the zipper pocket to keep your phone from jumping out while your running, or from sliding out when your horizontal on a bench or on the floor.

Ministry of Supply “Breathe Easy” T-Shirts

Not pictured here, but these are the best shirts I have ever purchased. I wear these things every day, whether it’s the short sleeved version or the long. I’ve been wearing products from Ministry of Supply since they first came out, and they’ve never let me down.

They’re a little more pricey, but from my experience these things will last you 3–4x longer than shirts from other high quality companies, and they’ll still look great. I have a black t-shirt that’s seen over 2-years of use and it still looks better than shirts I’ve purchased within the past 6-months.

Ray-ban “Justin Classic’s”

I’m a huge fan of Raybans, specifically the look of the classic Wayfarers. Unfortunately, they do not seem to love the shape of my face and look absolutely ridiculous.

I found that the “Justin Classic’s” have a very similar feel to the classic stylings of the Wayfarers, but fit my face much nicer, and have a slightly more modern feel to them.

Garmin Fenix 2 Sport Watch

This watch is awesome; it can do anything. Receive notifications, check. Track your route via GPS, check. Track your swim laps, check. The list goes on and on.

I purchased this watch after they released the Fenix 3 intentionally, knowing that it didn’t have the “smart” features of it’s newer sibling. I really didn’t think I would need the extra functionality, and also it’s monochromatic display appealed to me.

Mizu Water Bottle

Super simple, BPA free, single wall, stainless steel bottle. I use this thing from the office, in my car, to the gym. It’s small, light, and has a strong loop cap that I can clip to one of my Omega Pacific Carabiners on my bag and not worry about it snapping off.

LaCrosse Ball

This thing comes in handing after a hard workout, or if my feet are getting tired from standing at my desk all day. Place it against the wall or on the ground and roll around on it until you find the knot and rest on that spot. Or throw it on the ground and roll it under your foot. Here’s a great little tutorial video for more information.

13″ Macbook Pro ( Late 2013 )

I’m really having trouble with the idea of giving up my ports and moving to a newer MacBook Pro. So far, I haven’t had any issues with my older machine, and I really can’t see that changing anytime soon.

The only thing reason I could see myself upgrading would be to grab a newer model that still has the ports while I can.

I use a number of different apps for my day-to-day operations, but I’ll leave that for a future post.

iPhone 6S

Just like my reason for not upgrading to the new MacBook, I’m holding on to my headphone jack. I love using my earbuds in the gym, and I can’t see myself using wireless headphones anytime soon.

On my journey to minimize my use of technology, I’ve been cutting back on using my phone for anything more than the bare essentials. No social media accounts, safari has been disable, minimal notifications. I still have a number of tools that help make my life easier, but they’re working on my time. I’ll go into further detail on these apps in a future post as well.

Bellroy 3-Card Case

I love this phone case, and it’s also a reason that I haven’t updated my phone as it would no longer be useable. It fits 3-cards just perfectly. Since I have all my rewards cards stored on my phone, and all my other essential documents stored online for easy access, all I need are my drives, debit and credit card.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Though all my cards are stored in my phone case, I still carry this around in my backpack. Not only because it’s beautiful, but sometimes I’m going places where I wouldn’t mind carrying a few business cards on me.

Did I mention how beautiful it is?

Bowers & Wilkins P3 V2 On-ear Headphones

My ideal headphone for at home, on the way to work and at work. They’re light, pack neatly into my backpack and they produce some great sound. As a pretty active individual, I really like that the headphone cables plug into the earbuds, so I don’t have to worry about wrecking the cable on my bike handles and having a useless pair of headphones, I can just purchase an extra cable and I’m good to go.

Sennheiser CX 300B MK II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

Sometimes you just need a cheap pair of earbuds that can be abused. I found these on sale and purchased for the price, but ended up with an awesome pair of headphones that I would highly recommend. They’re cheap enough that I don’t care if I abuse them and have to replace them, but they’re going on 2-years and still work great.

Kershaw Shuffle

You would be surprised how often I put this thing to use I always have it on me at all times. Running around our store, it would be a huge time waste if I was constantly looking for a box cutter, or letter opener. This knife is solid, cheap and doesn’t look offensive like other pocket knives I’ve carried in the past.

Moleskine Square Notebook

My go-to notebook. Squared, so I can use it for writing or sketching out designs and logos. I always go soft cover because I feel like it wears out in a more desirable way, and folds over nicer when writing.

Sakura Pigma Micron Archival Ink Pens

This permanent, fade resistant, chemically stable, pigment-based ink will not bleed or run if liquids are spilled on or applied to the document after the ink has dried. Perfect for legal situations, Pigma ink is nearly impossible to alter on documents, in log books, or on checks. It’s no wonder architects, archivists, anthropologists, entomologists and laboratories depend on Pigma Micron for record keeping.

My favourite part about these pens is that they seem to work best if you hold them a straight up. Since I hold my pen a certain way, I have no problem, but most people complain that “my pen is out of ink”. Switching to these pens has single-handedly ended the problem of people stealing my pens.