Reflections on 2018

Even though 2018 had a lot of positive experiences, it’s felt like the least successful year in a long time. Worst of all, it’s because of bicycles that it was such a bad year.

For almost 3 years, I had maintained a solid morning routine, I had lost about 50lbs by working out every lunch hour, I took detailed notes and successfully was in control of my time. It was when I made the decision to bike through the winter that things began to unravel.

You see, I had slightly overbooked myself in fall of 2017 but I was determined to make all of my commitments, and arrive to all by bicycle. I grossly underestimated how much more time cycling would take, less because of the travel time and more because of time it takes to get yourself ready. I suddenly had much less time each morning before work to stretch, meditate and journal, and there was no way I would have time to bike home to work out at lunch.

As these keystone habits crumbled, my time management, focus and motivation fell with.

Picking back up the pieces

I’m really not one to wait until January 1st to start hacking away at “Resolutions”, but the timing just seemed right. One key I remember from when I was a more focused human being was that you can’t tackle 20 new new habits all at once, you need to work on them one at a time.

For that reason, I’m going to try to select one thing every month to improve upon. Hopefully, within that month I will be able to carry on with that habit and by the end of 2019, I will have improved on 12 or so areas of my life.