Chip Martens — The Art of Decluttering

Marie Kondo is the author of The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, two excellent books that are sure to inspire anyone to start picking up after themselves.

After discovering Zen Habits a few years ago, I was already inspired to purge a lot of my possessions and rid my house of clutter. I recall brining truckload by truckload of unused items to the local goodwill store, and whatever they didn’t want went to the dump.

I found that it was easy to throw things out, but it was just as easy to bring new stuff in. That’s where the KonMari method really helps.

Marie Kondo provides a simple method to see everything you own all at once, assess whether it’s worth keeping or discarding, and then develop a system for putting it neatly back into place. I highly recommend sticking with her system, as I’ve tried to make my own adjustments and always end up reverting back to hers when mine fail.

As I’ve recommended to many others, skip The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up and start with Spark Joy which features fewer client stories and provides more of a how-to guide on getting yourself organized.