Chip Martens

Combining strategic brand strategy with marketing insights, eliminating guesswork and risk.

Starting a company is daunting. You're faced with countless decisions and pressure to get it right.

90% of startups fail, not because of a lack of innovation or passion but due to poor market positioning and ineffective brand strategy.

You need expert guidance through key areas, like discovering your customers, positioning your product, designing your brand, creating impactful content, and ensuring it reaches the right people.

Failure to address these areas effectively can lead to missed opportunities and stunted growth.

As the Director of Brand & Creative at RocketRez, I've witnessed what it takes to grow from seed to Series B, setting the stage for a successful exit. It's equipped me with insights into the essential moves at each stage of startup growth.

Applying what I've learned, I've advised a number of startups; three securing seed funding; one surpassing $10MM ARR without external funding.

Beyond my corporate role, I help connect B2C brands with their audiences, creating authentic content that builds trust and engagement. These B2C insights are invaluable for B2B companies looking to resonate deeply with their markets.

I offer a pathway to minimize your risks and establish a solid foundation for your brand and marketing efforts, ensuring you are perfectly positioned for success from the start.

Mistakes in your startup's strategy can be costly, and you can't afford to get it wrong.

It’s time to elevate your startup's strategy.

Let’s talk.