Chip Martens

Accelerating B2B Growth through Data-Driven Strategy and Creative Design.

Successful B2B marketing hinges on achieving an optimal balance that integrates creativity, design thinking, and data-driven strategy with a deep understanding of the customer’s journey.

Strategy without design is like a boat with no wind, and design without data is like navigating without a compass.

My work is all about maintaining this balance. I use design to create memorable experiences and make sure your messages stand out while simultaneously using data to fine-tune strategies and making decisions based-off insights to nail customer engagement and conversions, helping to drive growth. Problems must be approached with the user’s perspective at the top of mind.

Specialized services for
B2B tech startups looking for
seed to Series B success.

B2B Demand Generation

I excel in the field of B2B demand generation. By developing and implementing uniquely tailored strategies, I effectively reach and engage your target business audience, fueling sustainable growth.

Creative Direction

Together, we'll partner together to craft a compelling and memorable brand identity. Our collaborative efforts will enhance your brand's resonance, making a lasting impression on your audience.

Paid Ad Strategy

I blend creativity, data analysis, and strategic planning to orchestrate targeted campaigns, designed to expand your brand's reach, optimizing ad spend and driving meaningful conversions.

Marketing Consultation

Understanding your unique business needs and objectives, I'll unearth growth opportunities, develop actionable plans and provide comprehensive solutions geared toward propelling your business forward.

A unique set of skills, developed and honed by a less than traditional path.


Creative Director


Managing all aspects of the brand, establishing the creative vision and visual tone. Team-building, creating community and desiging marketing campaigns.


Marketing Advisor

Grain Tracker

Bringing detailed measurement to the agriculture industry to minimize losses and help track grains from farm to table.


Marketing Advisor

CleanTrace Technology

Developing the brand for a groundbreaking new tech startup in livestock traceability, designing assets, sales materials and creating a marketing strategy.


Founder / Content Creator

A webtool designed and developed from the ground up, forming relationships with brands as an ambassador, producing photo & video, 200k+ unique views a year.


Marketing Director

E.G. Penner Building Centres

Redefining a brand through creative vision, managing budgets, creating unique campaigns with vendors and developing a deeper connection with the community.


Project Manager

Loewen Drywall

Managing large-scale commercial projects, estimating, coordinating specialty materials, improving efficiency and implementing a digital project management system.


Creative Designer

Golden West Broadcasting

Re-envisioning how rural community news is delivered to millions of people, creating marketing campaigns for clients across Canada, event planning.

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