Chip Martens — Thoughts

A little fellow follows you

I came across this article where John Wooden, legendary basketball coach, shared some of the quotes that most resonated with him through his life.

Whether you’re a parents, teacher, family friend, aunt, uncle, grandparent or whatever, it’s something we all need to remember as we go through the days we spend with together with the little humans in our lives.

A careful man I want to be —
a little fellow follows me.

I do not dare to go astray,
for fear he’ll go the self-same way.

I cannot once escape his eyes.
Whatever he sees me do he tries.

Like me he says he’s going to be —
that little chap who follows me…

He knows that I am big and fine —
And believes in every word of mine.

The base in me he must not see —
that little chap who follows me…

But after all it’s easier,
that brighter road to climb,
With little hands behind me —
to push me all the time.

And I reckon I’m a better man
than what I used to be…
Because I have this lad at home
who thinks the world of me.