Chip Martens — Thoughts

Keystone Habits

Do you ever notice how a certain habit or routine can make the success of other habits easier? Habits are everywhere in our lives, whether they’re healthy or not, but some habits can lead to a cascade of other actions because of them.

Unknowingly, you might already be practicing some of these habits. Do you maintain a regular workout routine? Does it magically seem easier to eat healthy as well? Do you also find yourself sleeping better, or perhaps feel more focused at work?

So often, we struggle to live the way we want to simply because we don’t have the willpower to make different decisions. Whether it’s having the discipline to eat healthy or the courage to take a risk or the energy to volunteer more often or the drive to perform better at work, we delay these choices — even though we know they are important — simply because we don’t have the willpower to make something new happen today.

Imagine how much easier and more fulfilling your lifestyle could be if you discovered one or two keystone habits that naturally put the rest of your life in place.