Chip Martens — Thoughts

A few months ago I started the website, a web tool to help cyclists more easily find handlebars that work for how they ride. Frustrated after looking for something to make my drop bar bike more comfortable, I started to explore options in the realm of alt/comfort handlebars. Even after finding a few really good lists of recommended options, I was still clueless as to what would work for me.

Inspired by this photo, I took pictures of bars that I was interested in, which I would find online, close cut them in photoshop, scale them as best I could ( based on the manufacturers specifications ), and overlay them to compare. 

I thought “something like this must exist”, so I threw together this crude little example of a website, and posted it online. People started to comment and make suggestions, request new bars and express their gratitude for putting this together. With my limited knowledge of web development, I put the features together as best I could until the site was what you see today. I’ve had emails from cyclists and bike shops across the globe who have found the site useful!

In the past few weeks/months, I’ve had a number of manufacturers reach out and send me technical drawings of their bars to update on the site, which has greatly improved the accuracy of the tool. I’m working on some exciting updates that will hopefully come to fruition before Spring 2019!